The goal of this project was to understand how the culture within law enforcement agencies impacts engagement in traffic safety enforcement. The four objectives were to understand:

  1. How law enforcement leaders and officers prioritize traffic safety relative to other public safety issues
  2. Self-reported attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about traffic safety enforcement activities
  3. Law enforcement’s perceptions of how traffic safety enforcement behaviors have changed in recent years
  4. How prioritization of traffic safety attitudes, beliefs, enforcement behaviors and perceptions of change vary between leaders and officers, agency types and urban and rural settings

A survey was developed, pilot tested and completed by a total of 568 officers in 19 agencies (four statewide, six sheriff’s offices and nine municipal agencies) in four states (Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois and Montana). The survey results were augmented by 10 interviews with law enforcement leaders.

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Download a brief survey on beliefs about traffic safety enforcement here

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