If you’ve been prosecuting DWI cases for any length of time you have undoubtedly seen a defense attorney attack a police officer’s administration of the standardized field sobriety tests. Sometimes defendants even hire former police officers or other self-appointed “experts” to analyze police reports and dash cam videos looking for any mistake in the SFSTs, no matter how slight. Cases can be lost when this type of testimony goes unchallenged.  What officers and prosecutors don’t always realize is that there is a lot of good stuff in the NHTSA manual that can be used to support the SFST testimony and, more importantly, to attack the defense expert’s opinions about whether the tests were properly administered and how the results should be interpreted.  Defendants like to use the NHTSA manual as a sword to cut holes in the state’s case and avoid responsibility for their poor decisions and dangerous behavior. This webinar shows how to use the manual as a shield to defend your officers and your impaired driving cases.

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