Many organizations offer training resources available for download. The following are downloadable courses and training modules.

Minnesota Officer Safety Training Video

March 20th, 2015|Comments Off on Minnesota Officer Safety Training Video

The following training video is a cooperative effort of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and various responder and traffic management agencies.  The 30-minute video is a training guide for EMS, firefighters and law enforcement officers, and can be used by all responders to learn the best practices and safety measures for addressing roadway incidents so they can avoid mistakes […]

Online Traffic Incident Management Training

March 20th, 2015|Comments Off on Online Traffic Incident Management Training

The National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training is a FREE online training course for all first responders. The training is 4 hours long and covers many of the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) procedures, including:

  • TIM fundamentals and terminology;
  • Safe vehicle positioning, traffic management, and scene safety;
  • Command responsibilities;
  • Clearance and termination.

Accident scenes cause congestion and can bring […]

GHSA Traffic Records Training

April 30th, 2014|Comments Off on GHSA Traffic Records Training

“Traffic Records Training for State Highway Safety Office Leadership” is a course that provides new Governor’s Representatives for Highway Safety (GRs) and Highway Safety Coordinators with an understanding of the critical role traffic records data plays in a State Highway Safety Office’s planning and evaluation efforts, their data-related responsibilities under MAP-21, and additional resources.

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