The National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training is a FREE online training course for all first responders. The training is 4 hours long and covers many of the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) procedures, including:

  • TIM fundamentals and terminology;
  • Safe vehicle positioning, traffic management, and scene safety;
  • Command responsibilities;
  • Clearance and termination.

Accident scenes cause congestion and can bring a secondary crash, which endangers the lives of first responders. Recent incidents in Pennsylvania and South Carolina show how deadly highway response is. The longer responders are on the scene, the greater the risk they face. Faster and better response helps limit secondary accident risks.

The Emergency Responder Safety Institute also provides assistance for first responders to help them be better prepared for accident scenes and highway operations. Resources include information on high visibility PPE and vehicle markings, sample SOPs/SOGs, training, data on “struck by” incidents and line of duty deaths, and education materials.