Tennessee crash data reveal fatalities are down statewide 7 percent compared to last year. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is using predictive analysis to target specific locations. Their program predicts traffic risks across the state and combines multiple factors to predict when and where serious or fatal traffic collisions are most likely to occur. Attendees heard about the successes and challenges experienced using this strategy:

  • Optimizing resources and manpower allocation for the THP and their local law enforcement partners
  • Generating law enforcement visibility in the right locations at the right times to maximize impact on traffic safety
  • Creating safer roads for citizens across the State of Tennessee

Current models discussed include:

  • CRASH – Predicts the likelihood of serious injury and fatal crashes
  • DUI – Predicts likelihood of  a “DUI Event,” i.e. alcohol-involved crashes and DUI arrests
  • CMV – Predicts the likelihood of commercial vehicle crashes

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  • Christopher Osbourn, TITAN Program Director, Tennessee Highway Patrol, District 9, TITAN Division
  • Patrick Dolan, Statistics Manager, Tennessee Highway Patrol, District 9, TITAN Division