The July session of the LEL Webinar Series featured a panel discussion on the traffic safety relationship between the states and the Indian Nation. Nationally, the annual motor vehicle crash mortality rates for American Indians have been three to four times greater than for the general public. Among Native American populations, motor vehicle-related injuries are the leading cause of death up to age 44. The focus of this webinar was on traffic safety insights gained, lessons learned, and ideas for moving forward to advance traffic safety for Native Americans. Panelists identified challenges, opportunities and best practices and proposed action steps for safety partners to foster working relationships with tribal governments.


  • Glenn Cramer – NHTSA Region 10 LEL


  • Darrin Grondel – Director, Washington State Traffic Safety Commission
  • MJ Haught – Tribal Liaison and Program Manager, Washington Traffic Safety Commission
  • Sheila Cozzie – Transportation Planner/Cultural Liaison, Montana Department of Transportation

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