Protecting those that protect us is vital to public safety. “Below 100” and “Move Over” are two programs that have been designed as a direct result of the need to remind our first responders that the protection of the public starts with the protection of them first. The Law Enforcement Liaison can play a pivotal role in helping to remind our first responders that their first job is to guarantee their arrival and survival.

This month’s webinar provided information about “Below 100,” “Move Over” and strategies to help share information with law enforcement to help advance officer safety.

Our panelists included:

  • John Marshall – NHTSA
  • Undersheriff Rob Beidler – Snohomish County, WA – Below 100
  • Sergeant Christopher Watson, South Deputy Chief, Illinois State Police Information Office – Move Over

Watch the recorded webinar here

Download Undersheriff Rob Beidler’s Slides

Download Sergeant Christopher Watson’s Slides

Below 100 Website

Illinois State Police Crash Information (including Scott’s Law highlights)