The way that we communicate has changed dramatically over the last decade with the proliferation of social media, social networks and the ability to share information instantaneously to large and small groups of people.

As Law Enforcement Liaisons, understanding the tools and strategies for the effective use of social media is an additional skill set that enhances communication but doesn’t replace the historical ways in which we communicate.

This webinar covers both online and offline communication strategies including:

  • Ways to ensure effective, timely and relevant communication regardless of the medium
  • How to increase your reach and influence
  • Keys to building relationships on and offline
  • Addressing objections and minimizing potential problems using social media
  • Tips for responding to negative comments and criticism

At the conclusion of this webinar you will have a better understanding of the changes that have occurred in public outreach communications. You will be more comfortable with social media as a communication option and you will be able to better serve law enforcement and your highway safety offices.

Watch the recorded webinar here

Download Tim Burrows’ Presentation Slides