National TSRP 2016 “Traffic Tuesdays” Webinars

The national Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) program hosts a monthly webinar series called "Traffic Tuesdays." The webinar series focuses on issues of impaired driving and traffic safety and are crafted to be relevant to a nationwide audience of prosecutors, law enforcement, and traffic safety professionals. The following is a list of their 2016 webinars, [...]

National TSRP 2016 “Traffic Tuesdays” Webinars2017-01-06T10:19:43-05:00

Podcast: Pete Abrams and Monty Allsop on Managing a Rural LEL Program

Pete Abrams and Monty Allsop are the Law Enforcement Liaisons with the Highway Safety Program of the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Wyoming is a geographically large but largely rural state, which poses a distinct set of challenges for LELs, particularly in encouraging participation in traffic enforcement campaigns and in maintaining relationships with far-flung law enforcement [...]

Podcast: Pete Abrams and Monty Allsop on Managing a Rural LEL Program2019-03-06T17:22:58-05:00

Drive Sober Wyoming App

Drive Sober Wyoming is a new smartphone app developed by the Wyoming Governor's Council on Impaired Driving. The free app, which is available for both iPhone and Android mobile devices, allows individuals who have been drinking to find a sober ride home with a simple push of a button. This app provides individuals with quick [...]

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CHALLENGE: 5,681 Miles, Four Days, Zero Fatalities

By Steven Cardarella Recently, 15 state patrol and state police agencies participated with local and municipal law enforcement agencies on the CHALLENGE: 5,681 Miles, Four Days, Zero Fatalities, during a high visibility enforcement (HVE) campaign along the entire length of Interstates 90 and 94. The CHALLENGE goal was to prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities during [...]

CHALLENGE: 5,681 Miles, Four Days, Zero Fatalities2019-03-06T17:23:05-05:00