CHALLENGE: 5,681 Miles, Four Days, Zero Fatalities

By Steven Cardarella Recently, 15 state patrol and state police agencies participated with local and municipal law enforcement agencies on the CHALLENGE: 5,681 Miles, Four Days, Zero Fatalities, during a high visibility enforcement (HVE) campaign along the entire length of Interstates 90 and 94. The CHALLENGE goal was to prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities during [...]

CHALLENGE: 5,681 Miles, Four Days, Zero Fatalities2019-03-06T17:23:05-05:00

Region 5 LEL Conference Presentations

On September 23 – 25, 2014, Region 5 held a LEL Conference in Columbus, OH. The conference featured a myriad of presentations covering State LEL updates, special projects, DDACTS, HAZARD, ROAR, OIG Fraud Investigations, and more. The Region 5 States have shared their PowerPoints and they can be viewed here: Transportation Safety Institute Training Update, [...]

Region 5 LEL Conference Presentations2019-03-06T17:23:06-05:00